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Delineations of the most Remarkabel Costumes Spain

Delineations of the most remarkable costumes of the different provinces of Spain, and also of the military uniforms, bull fights, national dances, &c. of the spaniards


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FOR some years past the eyes of the rest of Europe have been turned with
intense interest to tlie Spanish Nation; and whetlier it be viewed breaking a
Foreign Yoke, or spurning the Shackles of Domestic Tyranny and Superstition,
it prefers an equal claim to respect and admiration. AYhatever tends, therefore,
to make the British Public more intimately acqnainted with tlie habits and
manners of tliis liigh-spirited People, can scarcely be deemed deficient in interest
or unworthy of attention. Such is tlie object of the Series of Engravings from
autbentic and original Designs wliich is here presented to the Public.
Leaving to others the more important task of pourtraying the moral qualities
of tlie Spanish Nation, and describing its Institutions, the Projector of this Work
presumes tliat it will still possess powerful attractions; for it has long been
acknowledged that the Costume of a Nation partakes strongly of its Genius, and
tliat a correct acquaintance with the former may frequently prove of considerable
ntility to tliose who attempt to trace its History, to describe its manners, or to investigate
its Religión. Considered in this point of view Spain stands unrivalled
for an originality of Costume, the cause of which might not be unworthy the
enquiry of Philosophy itself.
Tlie present undertaking then, while it may contribute to elucidate facts
connected with the Political and Moral State of the Spanish Nation, and thus
fumish Illustrations useful to the Man of Letters, necessary to the Dramatic Poet,
and indispensible to the Artist, cannot fail to recaí to the imagination of the
Spectator that romantic unión of gallantry, genius, and superstition, which impart
so lively an interest to the IJistory of the Descendants of Palagius and the
Conquerors of the Moors.

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